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RHY Global Mine

RHY is a large-scale block chain mine in the world. It has a power supply capacity of 450MW and can be used to power up 300,000 miners at the same time. It is currently the largest mine company in the world. In 2016, the company invested in the construction of large-scale substations and natural gas power stations in the energy-rich countries dominated by the Middle East. It has become the core blockchain data center at the core of the blockchain with the most competitive power tariff in the industry.

RHY.com was founded by Stars Cloud Mining Science & Tech Corporation, which is a blend of Singapore Hashi Capital, Hong Kong Consensus Fund, Singapore BrahmaOS, ExchangeUnion BTC and ETH investment. RHY focuses on the upstream and downstream layout of the mine, and the main business is to revolve around the block chain. Field, invest in the construction of large-scale substations, natural gas power plants, hydroelectric power stations, etc., along the industry investment IPFS mining machine chip team, mining power production plant, container mobile mine conversion plant. RHY has become the world's most resource-intensive and largest blockchain mine.

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